Naruto 693 Spoilers - Uchiha and a Senju Descendant

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naruto manga 693

Just because Naruto was caught in Genjutsu and failed in the beginning of the part 2, doesn't mean it'll be the same now when he fully mastered all nature transformation and natural energy.

It is blatantly wrong because it's exactly as I said it. You just understood it with extremity, like always. What was meant was the power level of said titles.

Since he has Hagoromo's power up, the growth is apparent. Itachi is Itachi, the best Genjutsu user in NV. Everyone would fail against him.

Casting and escaping aren't the same thing. Also, Madara never cast Genjutsu on Hashirama. Gee, I wonder why. Probably plot.

No, that's not my logic. My logic is between an Uchiha and a Senju descendant. Naruto has beyond perfected Senjutsu on him and he has 9 Bijuu in him that can easily deal with Genjutsu. Which is why Sasuke didn't even try to use it on him like the Bijuu.

Genjutsu is capable of affecting multiple targets, it always has been. This isn't something new, we've seen it on multiple occasions from far less competent genjutsu users. That isn't the issue. The issue is targeting an individual in the real world and something in the inner realm simultaneously. Sasuke can genjutsu a jin. Sasuke can also enter the inner realm and genjutsu a bijuu. However, there isn't any reason for us to believe that he can genjutsu someone in the real world and the inner realm at the same time. If he's genjutsuing Naruto in the real world, he isn't in the inner realm handling the bijuu. If he's in the inner realm dealing with the bijuu, he isn't trapping Naruto. He can't do one while doing the other, at least not as far as anyone's given us any reason to believe.