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The Zetsu Army could've not been humans, since Obito couldn't activate the Infinite Tsukuyomi even in a limited range; Naruto 693 English scans is out and available now in this site. Read naruto chapter 693 online. just click the naruto manga 693 scans below.  We're led to assume he wasn't bullsh*tting Kabuto when he said he made them himself with The Biju's chakra: But then, if all Zetsu were humans made by IT, how could he create more? Something that is given is that he used the OG White Zetsu as the template, since all of the others refer to it as the original, but then, how could he recreate that process using only the Gedo, the Biju, and Hashi's cells? Pre-Kaguya it made sense, now it doesn't. That's what happens when you do a Retcon.
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First and foremost, the Sharingan is a weapon activated through the eyes to be used by their owner to give them special abilities. To anyone else who takes the eyes, not only can it not be deactivated, the chakra cost is quite significant. It's honestly a double edged sword. There are clear side-effects for a non Uchiha to wield Sharingan to make it not a asspull. And Obito acquired the same God Like Power just like Hagoromo did. The same person who was a too travel between life and death and give Naruto and Sasuke his power.

Why is that a asspull when it's happened before? And you're forgetting that Obito was basically dead. Even Naruto reviving him didn't magically restore his power. He had multiple tailed beasts pulled out of him, forced to use the Rinne Rebirth Technique, had the Gedo forced out of him, and fought for control of his body through sheer willpower. It's quite understandable why he didn't have his previous inexhaustible energy levels given everything that happened to him. If anything, a near death Obito using Kamui without help would be a bigger asspull given everything I said above. As for the whole Madara thing, I'll give you that one. I don't even have a answer that can justify that.