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Despite the end is promising, One Piece 784 I found this chapter too far-fetched. Mansherry should just heal law (despite not having an arm) so that he can fight again, but for plot reason she isn't. Oda should have let DD knock down her and the others, to get rid of some hindraces. Maybe this page hints she is gonna heal.
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one piece manga 784
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And how come did trebol not know about luffy's CoC, this chapter even proved they investigated him . Oda'd avoid plot holes just by making isshou dealing with the cage, otherwise there are too many top-tier characters doing nothing. Well. I hope luffy gets defeated (although this sped up the pace), so that cavendeish,barto (and even Zoro) can face DD too, DD deserves to be hyped more . So Jinbe gets Wadatsumi as companion, I wonder whether the latter is gonna join Big Mum's crew as well. Oh, and the fact the dwarves' heart was lighter after trebol's defeat means we will see more of him, since he wasn't shown here despite not having his mystery solved I agree that it's a bit too early to challenge a Yonkou, but I think it's a good time for Luffy to show something that could actually be a threat to the Yonkou. Something indicating that his strength has truly grown exponentially since Marineford. Back in Marineford Luffy didn't look like he could poise any threat to a Yonkou or Admiral. Up until now he's been equal with Doflamingo, but if Doflamingo is afraid of Kaidou then that probably isn't enough. But being able to beat Doflamingo should raise an eyebrow, especially since it really does mess with Kaidou.

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I feel it is too early for Luffy and co. to even challenge a Yonkou in battle.  Get latest one piece 784 spoiler pics and summaries here. one piece chapter  784 manga spoiler will be released on tuesday night or wednesday morning.Read one piece 784 Spoiler English.  I wouldn't be satisfied if it takes a lot for Luffy to beat Doffy with G4 but at the same time I do not want it to be at all easy. I want Luffy to struggle with this new gear and give Doffy chances to counter due to his inexperience using it or something, but it should be convincing enough to realistically argue that Luffy could face an Admiral. I feel that Yonkou and their crew members will be very far down the line,

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I did not started watching one piece until the series got to Punk hazard and I regret it took me so long; moments like when luffy open his gear 2nd and 3rd I miss out on but this time i'm not going miss this 4th gear; Don't anyone dare step foot in the realm of whats going to transpire of a gear 4th; It's time for the Main character to show us something we haven't seen from him in a long time (I would say since marineford) which is Fight!; Usually when someone use a knife and depends how deep you slice it their wrist they could survive or die a slow death; So luffy biting his wrist to open Gear 4th is similar to using a knife and slicing his wrist right? ^_^ If doffy says luffy attack tickles then I hope Gear 4th is something like Tsuna Zero Chiten Toppa Kai from KHR + Ryoma Kuga no Kyouchi from POT combine; For example: Doffy does his Ito Ito no Mi attacks and luffy will soak in his abilities reflect doffy same attack right back at him with double the damage. Luffy a rubber for crying out loud and if he can reflect a cannonball with his Balloon then he should have some type of skill like that where he can reflect sh!t. As for Cavendish or rather Cabbage-kun I think he will be a straw-hat in the future.

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One Piece 783 Chapter - Doflamingo's shadow clones

One Piece 783 manga Oda to other authors which doesn't seem fair to me. I read OP for different reasons than other titles, so I just don't see how comparing it to other mangas is going to help.

one piece manga 783
ANYWAY I agree Luffy was pretty impressive in this chapter. He kept on attacking DD and didn't waste a single opportunity. I liked how serious and focused he was. As for DD while he did get hurt I don't feel he was that weakened by Law's attack, but still it is nice to see Luffy go up against DD like that.
Now if only Trebol and Law were out (for good?) we could finally focus on DD and Luffy. That's your opinion on Luffy's performance or are you suggesting it to be complaint because other's opinion opposes yours?

Doflamingo hardly stood up to Aokiji, he merely escaped from his frozen state and walked away. Aokiji fought Akainu for 10 days and changed their surrounding terrain permanently.

Doflamingo and Luffy have fought for 1-2 hrs and their duel will soon be wrapped up thankfully. Don't think we're able to suggest they're anything close to admiral levels of power just yet.

The initial duel started out 2 v 1 in favour of the Law and Luffy, fair enough there was one of Doflamingo's shadow clones to contend with. Trebol hardly made any input into the fights, it's not so ridiculous to argue for or against Luffy's performance as long as you can make a good case for it.