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I'm thinking this might be it, Nagato/Madara's Rinnegan could be different compared to Sasuke/Kaguya's eye, Read latest Naruto 689 manga scans. Any moment from now, naruto 689 spoiler and naruto manga 654 scans will came out of course thanks to Ohana and 2ch forum for naruto 689 raw and mangastream for the naruto 689 English scans. just like the classic Sharingan is very different from the Rinnegan. That, and it also probably depends on who's using the eye

naruto manga 689

Though despite some of the bad things the chapter also showed awesome moments, things to wonder about and things to hope. Regardless of the way Kakashi got both eyes and PS they were cool nether the less and badass and I’m sure fans loved the idea of Kakashi getting these, even though it could of been done better. Like Obito given his eyes before death or they could of at least be the only thing left and have Sakura transplant them and for susanoo could have been a weaker version instead of PS. Obito telling Kakashi to become the sixth hokage nice as well and seems a fitting end for his growth as a character plus the powers do give Kakashi a way to assist his students, which he felt useless a few chapters back. I also feel with Kakashi back in action so will Sakura somehow as well, whether it’s direct or support I’m fine with ether, like possibly help keep Kakashi’s susanoo intact or take on maybe black zetsu. Because I doubt Kakashi can keep PS active for long. If Kakashi becomes the 6th does make me wonder what will Tsunade’s fate be, retirement or will she die? Also Naruto using all the tallied beast versions of rasengans was awesome and Kaguya’s new form is something to talk about.

Naruto 689 Manga - Kakashi's Kamui and Izanami

The problem isn't just that Kakashi got a Sharingan, Naruto 689 English scans is out. Naruto 689 manga will be available for online reading. For news release and updates, please subscribe our RSS feeds or follow our Twitter. Enjoy the release!

naruto manga 689

I also think its stupid that Kakashi magically got a Sharingan ability that was only made available when Sasuke awakened the Rinnegan. Not even Madara with his Rinnegan had a flying Susanoo. Kishimoto has basically just pissed away any consistency he had. It was bad enough when Madara used Susanoo without eyes. Basically there don't seem to be any rules about eyes they just change from chapter to chapter. Not to mention Kakashi could barely use Kamui when he had one eye now he is flying around with Susanoo and who wants to bet chakra drain is suddenly going to be a non-issue even though Itachi and Sasuke (who are supposedly the height of Uchiha) suffered immense chakra drain and damage to their bodies when the used Susanoo.

Honestly, Kakashi's eyes now seem to be better than Sasuke's. The only thing Sasuke really has that Kakashi doesn't is Amaterasu/Enton and that doesn't make up for the huge advantage of Kamui. Kakashi's time/space technique is way better than Sasuke's and his Susanoo appears to be equal. As far as genjutsu goes both Kakashi and Sasuke haven't shown anything comparable to Itachi's Tsukuyomi so judging by what genjutsu the both showed in the past I would say they are fairly equal there as well. The very possibility that Kakashi's MS has eye powers that are even close to the advanced Rinnegan (which is technical 3 upgrades above it) is laughably stupid.