One Piece Chapter 788 - Luffy Recovers

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By the way, With Burgess finally getting in on the action and confirming that the Blackbeard Pirates are targeting those with Devil Fruits, Sabo has stepped up to put a stop to him and whatever he planned to do to Luffy. With Sabo revealing himself as the Mera Mera no Mi user, he has attracted the attention and wrath of Burgess. Even though Burgess hasn't at any point in this arc seemed capable of besting Sabo, I don't think he in turn would be easily beaten by Sabo.
one piece manga 788

 I knew Doflamingo wouldn't go down like this .. damn he's tough ...10 minutes now that's sucks the gladiators are gonna assist Luffy so even if Luffy defeats Doflamingo with one final attack he wouldn't have done it on his own which makes it a crappy chapter and an even more shitty ending to an amazing arc Oda really screw it with this chapter
The gladiators holding Doflamingo for 10 minutes while Luffy recovers is a good idea as long as Oda doesn't focus on it that much. It's finally time for Burgess to do something instead. These gladiators have already taken up way too much screen time, and considering how many things have been off-screened, might as well off-screen most of gladiators vs Doflamingo too. Is Luffy really going to finish Doflamingo with one attack when he recovers? If so then I guess the rest of their fight will be short once it continues.

Wait Doflamingo is about to massacre an entire country. Ummmm Fujitora isn't that grounds enough to interfere? I mean Fujitora himself is going to die if he doesn't do anything about the Birdcage.

Naruto Chapter 700+5 - Mixes of Kekkai Genkai

How many mixes of Kekkai Genkai have we seen? Plenty. How many subset of sage kekkai genkai have we seen? A ton. To blindly say someone absolutely won't get something just because they have a 'pupil' doesn't make sense anymore.

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The one thing that makes me doubt that Shin is a true Uchiha in this is that his hair isn't black. Every child born into the Uchiha clan that we've seen has had black hair from memory, so I doubt that Shin is a genuine Uchiha, and is probably a test subject from Orochimaru. As for the hooded bloke, while I see the point people are making in saying it could be Shisui, I think it may well be another Uchiha, or possibly Danzo. This guy has his eye stapled open, which screams Izanagi abuse to me, so I'm leaning towards it being another Uchiha or Danzo personally. Seeing the little creature in the bushes which had the sharingan seemed to be made of wood, its that which brought me to the thought of it maybe being Danzo posing as a Uchiha.
I don't think he use izanagi. It has been shown that whenever anyone use izanagi or izanami there eyes lose eysight and becomes White. But his Sharingan is intack. It must has some other reason.

I doubt the hooded guy to be Shisui either. He has been confirmed dead many times. And i doubt Kishimoto will ruin a good character again like he did with obito.
Its way to early to conclude anything regarding Sasuke vs Shin age 12. And it will always be speculation in the end anyway. Based on the upgrade Sasuke got from gaining 2 and 3 tomes I would say Shin with 3 tomes would be stronger that Sasuke IF Shin is a real Uchiha. If not, then he may have disadvantages ala Kakashi to coupe with. But again... just my thoughts on the matter