One Piece 795 - One Piece Chapter 795 Scans

one piece 795 spoilers and one piece manga 795 raw will be posted here under one piece manga series. We will be waiting for this and will inform you as soon as one piece chapter 795 is available. I wouldn't be surprised if they may have to get a smaller ship to sail to Sunny, assuming that the Sanji's team cannot come back in time or if they are engaging in a fight with Big Mom. Besides, Kaido should be making his action soon. Then we have CP0,one piece manga 795 world government and the marine guys around to deal with. Seriously speaking, would Fujitora allow the Straw-Hats to leave the island? Even if he does, what about the CP0? They dont seem like a group to deal with easily. Now, I'm wondering how can the Straw-Hats make their way out smoothly. I also have Shank at the back of my mind. I have always thought that he is always around to cover for Luffy's back whenever Luffy is facing a "life and death" situation in which he can't handle or too complicated and dangerous for him to deal with, and as a result he may sustain a permanent injury or even death. Though I do understand that Luffy has been in such situations numerous times, to the extent of almost losing his life. Perhaps I am over-shadowed by the fact that Shank has saved Luffy when he (Luffy) was a kid and Shank lost his arm for that reason. Oh well, I do believe that Shank is always at Luffy's side and one day, Luffy may return the favour by saving Shank.

Though having said that on the above, I thought that it might be more interesting to see the CP0 in action and how they try to pursue Sabo - the Revolutionary Army.

The celestial dragons are another interesting people to know more about. We have not really fully see them in full action as an authority or how they run the government with so much authority. They are like always in the background giving orders. Of course I'm not talking about those spoilt brats we have seen so far. The one we are seeing now is Doflamingo (which I also agree with what DeadlyBeast has mentioned) who is very powerful, not just in his strength and skillful as a devil fruit fighter but also a powerful king in Dressrosa considering he has ruled this country for so many years (deceiving the citizens). These group of people must have certain attributes, perhaps from centuries that may have been passed on from generations to generations, that keep them standing firmly on their authority and they continue to have access to it.

The reason I'm pondering about this group of people is that I'm thinking along the line of our current world in which there are some countries which continue to have the royal family like the kings and queens who have much influence in the ruling of their countries, despite having a government. Many of them have the access to a certain level of authority over their country, it is only a matter of exercising it or not.

One Piece Chapter 788 - Luffy Recovers

Are you looking for the latest one piece 788 manga scans? Then, you have come at the right place because one piece 788 will be released here soon.
By the way, With Burgess finally getting in on the action and confirming that the Blackbeard Pirates are targeting those with Devil Fruits, Sabo has stepped up to put a stop to him and whatever he planned to do to Luffy. With Sabo revealing himself as the Mera Mera no Mi user, he has attracted the attention and wrath of Burgess. Even though Burgess hasn't at any point in this arc seemed capable of besting Sabo, I don't think he in turn would be easily beaten by Sabo.
one piece manga 788

 I knew Doflamingo wouldn't go down like this .. damn he's tough ...10 minutes now that's sucks the gladiators are gonna assist Luffy so even if Luffy defeats Doflamingo with one final attack he wouldn't have done it on his own which makes it a crappy chapter and an even more shitty ending to an amazing arc Oda really screw it with this chapter
The gladiators holding Doflamingo for 10 minutes while Luffy recovers is a good idea as long as Oda doesn't focus on it that much. It's finally time for Burgess to do something instead. These gladiators have already taken up way too much screen time, and considering how many things have been off-screened, might as well off-screen most of gladiators vs Doflamingo too. Is Luffy really going to finish Doflamingo with one attack when he recovers? If so then I guess the rest of their fight will be short once it continues.

Wait Doflamingo is about to massacre an entire country. Ummmm Fujitora isn't that grounds enough to interfere? I mean Fujitora himself is going to die if he doesn't do anything about the Birdcage.