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 I wonder what is that spy with sharingan. Is that a eye link jutsu like Nagato and Obito use. That spy look like a Juubi clone. So there are three characters with sharingan as villian or maybe two as spy might be under sharingan control.

Sarada doesn't seem to be weak and Chouchou also didn't freak out. I feel like current generation aren't that incompetent as I thought because of lack of combat experience.
And Shin also seems like has good mastery over sharingan. I feel good that Boruto didn't join.

So question is will Naruto let go Shin or will just capture and interrogate? It will be better if he will let go. I need more drama. I don't want this issue to be finished so quickly. We all know its a cake walk for Naruto. I hope that kishi wont somehow troll us with this little kid named Shin. Naruto and Sasuke are god right now I don't think there is something they can't handle but I am really afraid that there will be and It will be the biggest troll we will have had so far

As to be expected with the whole "the young generations surpass the old" theme that the manga made popular. These are the children of heralded shinobi who are now trained in the strongest ninja village in the world presumably. I would think they would be very competent in their abilities.

One Piece 787 Raw - Presence of Doflamingo

When does one piece 787 english spoiler come out? one piece 787 will be available online after its release. Doflamingo's power let's him create and manipulate string - Awakening allows him to create more strings from inanimate objects in his surroundings and thus implies he has more string to manipulate.
 one piece manga 787
Aokiji also freezes his surrounding area while in the presence of Doflamingo (who is about to kill smoker). It's important to notice that an awakening isn't an attack, but the effect of the DF. One may argue that what Aokiji did here was Ice Age; but I believe he usually touches the area he wishes to affect before invoking Ice Age.

Luffy's ability allows him to stretch - Awakening would possibly increase his elasticity, that alone would would make him more durable. Things that are physically straining wouldn't be anymore and his base strength will increase to a greater degree.

There's a lot of speculation that he'd turn his environment into rubber, but that'd only really be likely if he produced rubber. Going by this line of though this is how I think it'd affect Luffy in future:

    Gear 3 could become twice bigger than it currently is with increased elasticity; gear 2 will be many times faster and gear 4 would be astronomically more powerful.
    If his density increases as a result of awakening, he'll be able to compress a lot more air into his body resulting in explosive power.
    The idea that one day he might be able to increase muscle mass (G4) and bone densitiy (G3) at the same time wouldn't be farfetched. An enhanced G4 or possibly G5?
    Also have to consider that Luffy still has the appearance of a youth, imo he's still growing which possibly means he's still going to get naturally stronger despite an awakening (except Oda keeps his boyish build).

Naruto Gaiden 3 Spoiler - Chouji's Daughter

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He didn't call Naruto gaiden 3 specifically, he sent a message that a new threat appeared with a Sharingan, Naruto calls Kakashi and he states that it is unlikely that it was an Uchiha Massacre's survivor, and more probably one of Orochimaru's experiments, then says that Yamato was doing some investigations and should have more knowledge Sasuke's whereabouts and how to find him, Naruto then decides that the best course of action is to rendezvous with Sasuke and from there go to Orochimaru's place (probably to either demand an explanation or to find any lead if he isn't the related to the culprit). And since Kaguya is related to Uchiha and Senju, Sasuke should at least have some lead on the boy and it's organization and be waiting them to make their move on him, he seemed to be expecting an attack in the first page, he also reacted quickly and only show any kind of surprise when he saw the Uchiha crest on the boy's back. I've really been enjoying Naruto Gaiden so far, minus Chouji's daughter. She takes away some of the awesomeness in the chapters for me. Seeing Sasuke just brush the kid away like that was epic, and I hope we see more of him and Naruto soon. Sarada's parentage will surely play a critical point in the plot of this mini-series as well. Sarutobi led the way against Oro both times because it was Oro, and he was acting within Konoha itself. You're suggesting that it's an expectation or a necessity for a Kage to handle an S-rank missing nin themselves, when the exact opposite is what we would expect, see Akatsuki. The only time the Kages effectively engaged anyone, or anything, was when in their own villages, when they themselves had come under attack during travels, or during a war. The only exception I can think of is Hashirama heading out to take on Madara. The Kages don't handle anything, unless they absolutely have to... not that I'm endorsing that particular operating procedure.