Naruto 697 - Peace for Himself

Sasuke's objective is to give the entire world a common enemy to hate, unifying them and Naruto 697 thus causing peace amongst them, while they wage war on him. Just because he doesn't want peace for himself doesn't mean he doesn't want peace for the rest of the world.

naruto 697

It's a flawed argument because while they're living with each other peacefully they're living in fear of him and his future ancestors (that's his immortality plan. To pass on his will through transmutation throughout time like Indra does). But to say he doesn't want peace ignores the past hundred or so chapters.

there is no upcoming final, the fight is over. That was the final, the climax of a 9 years old storyline.
They are in the bubble, where everything is all white without background. It means fight over. At the VOTE pt1, only Sasuke stood up. On the bridge during the Kage summit arc, they both stood, this time, only Naruto will stand.

By the way, unconfirmed basic translation of the text : Sasuke asks why Naruto is holding back and that he is going to die. Naruto says he won't be killed because it would leave Sasuke alone and he doesn't want Sasuke to be alone. At the end of the chapter, in the bubble, Sasuke says he understands Naruto and that Naruto understands him.
That's it. over. Sasuke won't try to kill everyone he doesn't like anymore. Naruto will stop saying mass murderers who have the same hobby as himself are the coolest guys ever so that he can do a better job than Hiruzen I doubt it is over, Sasuke need to kill Naruto to understand everything, other than that will be abit of a bad wrighting, Sasuke rejected everything from everyone, the words is not e nough, he needs to feel pain and only then this will be over. There's is no way he'll win If it would happen it would end exactly like fist Naruto series....that would suck...Naruto is way stronger now and he shouldn't have so much problem with Sasuke cause his sharingan won't work on him and he already fought against rinnengan.